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Director of Planning

1237 West State Street, Ontario, CA, USA

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About the Role

The Director of Planning leads the &OP process and is responsible for the development and execution of a demand and supply planning strategy supporting the annual volume and revenue plan. Oversees a planning staff that is responsible for all aspects of demand planning, capacity planning, supply planning, and an inventory plan to ensure product is in place to deliver on time and in full. Supply planning is inclusive of the production in the Tropicale manufacturing facilities as well as development and support of a co-manufacturing network, as necessary.

Essential Responsibilities 

  • Responsible for the ongoing development and execution of the Tropicale Foods S&OP process. 

  • Develops the demand plan supporting the annual operating plan as well as the monthly demand consensus  plan. 

  • Develops supply and capacity plans that support the annual operating plan and future growth of the  Tropicale business. 

  • Oversees the management & development of monthly, weekly and daily production schedules to fulfill supply chain requirements, customer demand and best optimize capacity, including  developing short-term and long-term production and inventory plans. 

  • Development of co-manufacturing support of supply plans as required. 

  • Collaborates with manufacturing to balance weekly and daily workforce manpower requirements with  supply chain and business forecast. 

  • Develops, compiles and maintains accurate supply chain and logistics performance metrics to identify  inconsistencies, trends, and opportunities for process optimization and improvements to customer service. 

  • Communicates and collaborates effectively with peers, customers and staff. 

  • Customer focused to help create a total systems view of the linkages in the supply chain that work  together efficiently with the sales team to create customer satisfaction through predictable delivery times.  Focused attention on adding value to the customer through the reduction in cost to serve.

Job Requirements

  • Fifteen plus years of experience leading planning, supply chain and related operations functions and a strong  understanding of the end-to-end supply chain. 

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, operations or supply chain management or related field

  • Prior experience building and leading an S&OP function and integrating with supply chain management 

  • Ability to interact with the senior management team in setting strategy by evaluating future operating  plans and aligning with needs and priorities. 

  • Possesses strong negotiation, analytical and communication skills. 

About the Company

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