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#1 Mexican-Inspired Ice Cream Company in the United States

Helados Mexico Paletas
La Michoacana Paletas
Helados Mexico Palets Popsicles
Our Story

Our story begins more than 20 years ago, with two brothers, “Los Paleteros”, and a pushcart full of paletas. These brothers were from Mexico and sold their first handmade paletas from a cart in California. Their secret recipe included only the finest ingredients: fresh cream, fresh fruit, cane sugar, and dried fruits and nuts.

La Michoacana Paletas Popsicles
Helados Mexico Mangonada Mango Chamoy Paleta Popsicle
Our Products
Helados Mexico Brand Logo
Our Products
La Michoacana Brand Logo
La Michoacana Horchata con Fresa Paletas Ice Cream Bars
Helados Mexico Family on Picnic with Paletas Popsicles
Our Troop

This is an exciting time to join #LaTropa. We are growing and continue to lead our industry with authentic, creative, and innovative paletas. Explore our open positions below and find out how you can make a difference.

La Michoacana Family on Picnic with Paletas
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