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Our Story

Our story begins more than 20 years ago, with two brothers, “Los Paleteros”, and a pushcart full of paletas. These brothers were from Mexico and sold their first handmade paletas from a cart in California. Their secret recipe included only the finest ingredients: fresh cream, fresh fruit, cane sugar, and dried fruits and nuts.

With deliciously authentic flavors like coconut cream, mangonada, lime, and strawberry, people throughout the area sought out these tasty, refreshing paletas! Each brother went their separate way to share paletas and the paleteria experience across the country successfully. After many years, the brands each brother built rejoined under the Tropicale Foods banner.

We are now the #1 Hispanic brand for frozen novelty treats, but we’ve never compromised our dedication to authentic recipes and fresh, natural ingredients.

Tropicale Foods La Michoacana Pink Paleta Helados Mexico Yellow Paleta
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